Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kate Goes Dress Shopping: April 18, 2011

It's been reported in the Daily Mail that Kate Middleton went shopping yesterday, at a shop called Warehouse, on King’s Road, Chelsea,
and bought several hot-weather items, including these:

The Mail also either Photoshopped the "tropical bird print" dress onto a picture of Kate, or used a Kate double, to illustrate how she "might" look in this dress, which she also bought (see the Mail's image here).
(image courtesy Warehouse.co.uk)

All the dresses and tops are available on the Warehouse's website, but my guess is they'll all sell out in a few hours.

Now...if these are part of Kate's honeymoon trousseau, they definitely imply a warm-weather vacation spot, such as Mustique. As for the dresses themselves, they follow Kate's fashion sense in that they're feminine, pretty, and modest.

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