Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kate Goes Shopping: Part Deux

Kate Middleton hit the shops on King's Road in Chelsea for a second day, a week ahead of her wedding. The dress, according to the Daily Mail, is Issa (again). She continues to live up to her critics' contention that she's boring. Black dress - yawn. Nun shoes - double yawn. Same old leather handbag - triple yawn. No decorations or jewelry, save the sapphire ring. I won't comment on her gauntness, will leave that to you.

It just seems to me that, in her fear of getting anything "wrong", she's chosen to be completely bland. What do you think?

Photo from the Daily Mail, photo by Nick Obank, Bancroft Media.


  1. she's gotten way too skinny. i sure hope she doesn't faint at the wedding.

  2. She's made of steel, steel doesn't faint!