Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess Kate Meets Michelle Obama May 24, 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge, tanned, super skinny, and in all her minimalist glory, meets Michelle Obama, May 24, 2011, at Buckingham Palace.

Kate's first royal engagement -- as a royal -- was to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. She wore a beige dress by Reiss, whose website crashed shortly after it was revealed that the $280 dress was from their shop. Accessories included a black clutch, black pumps, earrings and a necklace I will try to get a better picture of at some point, and that sapphire ring.

Call me a sourpuss, but there's just something a little too perfect about Kate here. I know she doesn't want to get it wrong, and she doesn't want to upstage anyone, and she doesn't really want to stand out from the furniture.

And she succeeds. But don't you think this outfit would have been much more interesting in an actual color, like a soft blue or bold red (see my obviously photoshopped red and purple concept on the left)...or...maybe...with...say....a hat? Hey, this one is a perfect match:


  1. I admit I am warming up to the nude/beige color more because of Catherine's dress here. I usually can't stand it because it so plain with no personality and its kind of tacky. But there's something about Catherine's dress that makes me appreciate nude/beige more. Gosh, she does have influence already! :)

    - Megan McGibney

  2. Now that you say it, Catherine does look like she's blending into the surroundings. ;)

    She does look beautiful. I've read that the Queen likes to wear bright colors because they make her stand out in a crowd. The other royal ladies tend to play it safe when it comes to color. Let's hope that Catherine plays around with color too, because I really like your photoshopped version of her dress much better. Very striking

    Marilyn Braun

  3. You were retweeted by @RoyalWeddin I love this blog. I live in US and am fascinated with Will and Kate. I have a blog about my 11+ year long distance relationship with a wonderful man in Somerset. I can't wait to see more from you!

  4. I have to agree with Marilyn: I love your photoshopped version of the dress so much better. A royal lady shouldn't be fading into the background or lost in the crowd. She should look like the most important person in the room (unless Camilla, Anne or the Queen is there too!)

  5. Glad to see you guys like my little photoshop job!! Maybe one day Kate will feel safe playing with more color; I think right now she's still trying not to be too loud or splashy. She's got plenty of time, I guess!

  6. This probably reveals my own penchant for slightly boring clothes, but I love the beige color of the dress! Neutrals are so chic to me. But point well taken about the dangers of blending in to the background...