Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Gives Medals to Irish Guards June 25, 2011

In her last royal engagement before the couple leaves for their Great Canadian Tour, Kate joined her husband Prince William, in handing out medals and reviewing the Irish Guards.

(image courtesy Daily Mail)

She wore a navy military inspired coat, complete with epaulets and brass buttons. The coat is likely an Alexander McQueen design. Her jewelry included a gold shamrock brooch and a little bracelet with a charm that had a C on it. I've read in numerous places that the Irish guards brooch used to belong to the late Queen Mother. The beret is likely a Rachel Trevor-Morgan creation.

Generally I like this outfit, generally she looks great, typically Kate -- modest, appropriate, attractive...but because I'm a little cranky this morning, I'm going to pick it apart. First of all, as skinny as Kate is, the coat still looks a little tight on her. I mean, really, if she's a size 0, that coat must be a size negative 2! Second, am I wrong in thinking the hat isn't *quite* right for the coat? And remember when Princess Diana wore a military inspired suit to a review? She got skewered for it! But perhaps she was just ahead of her time...

UPDATE: That shamrock brooch appears to be the same one Princess Anne wore in March 2009, celebrating St Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards at Windsor's Victoria Barracks. (image courtesy Hello Magazine). Do you think it's the same brooch?

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