Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kate Middleton in Ottawa June 30, 2011

The final look of the Issa "London Bird" dress from Kate's pre-wedding days. Gold leaf earrings, gold necklace, trusty wedge shoes. I do like Kate's hair done this way, it's the best of both worlds - off her face, carefully controlled, yet still long and shiny. The dress was most recently seen in London, paired with a cream jacket and the same shoes.

VERDICT: A. I like this look, I like that for her third outfit of the day, Kate chose something we've seen before. It makes her look not-extravagant. It's casual, fun, and perfect for a barbecue.
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  1. I agree with the re-wearing of the outfits, dresses and shoes. makes her seem more down to earth. You should do a post here and there on Will's fashion sense... he's such a cutie! ;)