Monday, July 4, 2011

Kate Middlteon Visits Anne of Green Gables

July 4, 2011
(image courtesy Daily Mail)
On July 4, 2011 Prince William and Princess Catherine visited Prince Edward Island, the setting for Kate's favorite book from childhood, the novel "Anne of Green Gables". Kate looked adorable in a cream colored dress by Sarah Burton (who designed Kate's wedding dress). She wore the navy blue pumps we last saw as she was boarding the plane for Canada several days ago. Also in evidence were her sapphire earrings. And her hair was pulled back in a cute ponytail, so we got a good look at the earrings!

Verdict: A. I love this outfit. It has a slightly maritime feeling, a slightly retro feeling, and is perfect for the location and setting. It emphasizes (once again) how thin Kate is, and there was a slight issue with the skirt flying up in the wind and exposing too much. I remember reading that Princess Diana used to have tiny weights sewn into the hems of her lightweight skirts, to avoid just this kind of problem.

What's your verdict?

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  1. i guess the skirt fly up has happened to all of us... but very tacky for the photographer to snap a pic while that is happening to Kate. I guess that's what slips are for. I didn't know that about the weights.