Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catherine at the National Portrait Gallery Feb 7, 2012

Catherine visited the National Portrait Gallery in London on February 7, 2012, in her first solo engagement since Prince William left for the Falklands.
Is it too literal to wear an outfit whose only feature (besides the cute pockets) is a portrait collar? :)
Maybe not. It's a cute enough dress, and the bracelet is gorgeous. But once again, Catherine is choosing clothes that age her. This dress would be fine if she was 40 or 50. But she's barely 30. If this was a little more silvery and a little less grey I might like it. Or if she used that collar to display a little more bling around her neck.

I played around with this look in photoshop, and couldn't come up with much. I tried different colors, but nothing looked great. I did try making the collar white, and that might have worked with pearl accessories. But all in all, the look is understated to the point of kinda boring. For a princess, I mean. Catherine still doesn't quite "get" that people want to see her glammed up.

(Photos courtesy the Daily Mirror)

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