Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21 Kate Visits Rose Hill Primary School and The Art Room

Today Kate visited two schools in Oxford. The visit was in association with the charity Art Room, who work with children to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Her coat dress was -- surprise! -- in shades of brown. She paired it with brown tights and brown/grey shooties. I don't mind the silhouette. I kind of like the slightly high waist on this dress, but once again, the color is atrocious.

I'm starting to think it's time (lowers voice to a whisper) to start looking at pictures of Princess Diana in similar situations. Not to compare -- that would be wrong. But one thing we learned from Diana is that fashion can speak for us, what we wear communicates a lot about who we are. And Kate's fashion is telling me that she still doesn't quite get it.

Do you think she gets it?

(image courtesy the Daily Mail)

By the way, the coatdress is/was also available in turquoise. I don't love it but it would have been a little more cheery than the one she wore.

(image courtesy Orla Kiely)

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