Thursday, March 1, 2012

Duchess of Cambridge at Fortnum and Mason

Duchess Kate joined her mother in law and her grandmama in law (also known as Camilla and The Queen) for a visit to the posh foodie store Fortnum and Mason in London today.
I guess the memo went out to (1) wear blue, and (2) don't upstage the Queen. Kate chose this Missoni blue tweed coat, and, according to some, she wore the same blue Zara dress that she wore on the day after her wedding. There was no adornment, not even a bag, except for daffodils that have some kind of significance but I don't know what it is.

Now. Let's not confuse "she wears it well" with "a beautiful coat". This is not a beautiful coat. It's a nice color, a very nice color. But it looks kinda scratchy, and I despise that furry looking "trim" running up the center. Once again, Kate has managed to dress at least 10 years older than her true age.

In better news, I kinda like that she chose not to carry a bag. That's kind of cool, for some reason.

What do you think?

<--- The dress she might be wearing beneath the coat.

(image courtesy The Daily Mail)

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