Saturday, March 17, 2012

Duchess of Cambridge on St Patrick's Day 2012

Catherine attended a traditional St. Patrick's Day parade in Aldershot, and presented clovers, or shamrocks, to the Irish Guards. She wore a coatdress in an extremely muted shade of green-grey, and wore a very cute shamrock pin that we've seen many times before, most recently last June when she wore it to review the Irish Guards with Prince William. A lovely brooch, and the bunch of clover was pretty too.
I'm pretty resigned to the fact that Kate will never be an adventurous dresser. She looks, in fact, as though her mother, or grandmother maybe, was styling her. This color is so muted that it has no oomph, pop or interest. A black belt adds nothing. The hat, in chocolate brown, is too low and too flat. A hat should enhance the face, bring interest to the eyes, and complement the outfit. This hat does none of the above.
I think I'm learning that my standards for Kate's apparel needs to be revised from "youthful, elegant and bright" to "serviceable, prosaic, and a little bit self conscious". Within those standards, the outfit is successful.
But just imagine if she'd gone with jewel colors and a hat that stood out a little!

(image courtesy Daily Mail)

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