Thursday, March 15, 2012

Duchess of Cambridge Today

Today, Kate visited the Olympic Park, where the Summer Olympics will be held. She wore skinny jeans -- which, on her gives new definition to the word skinny -- in cherry red, with a dark blazer and white top. She accessorized (she did??) with a patriotic themed scarf. Initially Kate arrived in a pair of heels that looked godawful with the jeans. But when she changed into a sweatshirt and trainers, she looked better. I don't like the length of the jeans, but what do I know. People say the color, fit and length are "hip" right now. Not sure Catherine should be aiming for "hip" but it's not my call.

Later in the day, Catherine made a trip to a children's center, with Charles and Camilla. She wore grey, again. It's an interesting dress, with a slightly strange black embroidered (?) motif at the neckline, a little tie belt, and pleated skirt. I kind of hate the black design, it looks like cheapo pom poms or something. Black shoes, black clutch, no accessories, hair in face.

What do you all think?

(images courtesy getty images)

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