Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kate Attends a Garden Party in Yesterday's Dress

On May 29, 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared at a garden party given by the Queen of England. Doesn't that sound fab? This is the kind of thing I would have my paper dolls do back in the day, when I had no idea what a garden party actually was, and no idea what my paper dolls were doing beyond wearing the little paper dresses I designed for them.
I know for a fact I wouldn't, in a million years, have my paper dolls attend two consecutive events wearing the same dress!
Truth be told, I have no real problem with Kate wearing the same dress at two events in a row. It's a cute dress, and she changed it up ever so slightly, with a hat and different jewelry (pearl earrings!) and her trusty beige shoes. She even....gasp...pushed her hair back! But oh guess what? Every time she pushes her hair back, she's left her outfit unadorned. Even took off the little inoffensive gold brooch she had worn last week with this dress.
I am not a fan of this hat, either.
The little clot of lace clinging to her skull just looks strange, and the hat itself is not a match, either colorwise or fabricwise, for the dress.
What I would have really liked is a big pink bow or even a small fascinator, holding her hair back, and then a cool piece of jewelry, preferably a necklace, prominently displayed. Doesn't this neckline cry for some bling? What do you think?
(images courtesy The Daily Mail)

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