Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

The Duchess of Cambridge was one of many Royal Family members who sailed up the Thames River in London today, on the barge known as "The Spirit of Chartwell". The occasion, of course, was the Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years on the throne for the beloved current Queen, Elizabeth II. Interestingly, the brilliant red of Catherine's dress (by Alexander McQueen) asssured that she would NOT stand out,
as the barge was heavily decorated in red, purple and gold. In fact, it was the Queen herself, in a white coat studded with crystals, who was the standout and star. As it should be. (Too bad Camilla had to go and wear palest tan with a BIGGER hat than the Queen was wearing.)
Kate's outfit is darn good, in my opinion. The dress itself is cute, demure and appropriate. (The brooch, by the way, features two dolphins, and was a wedding gift from the RN Submarine Service - Prince William is Commodore in Chief of that unit.) The hat was okay and the clutch was great. I didn't care for the shoes..those old beige shoes she wears all the time. I think Kate is still learning what's practical, because this outfit, cute as it was, was not practical for the day. First of all, the rain poured down, and the temperature was fairly cool. This dress couldn't have really kept her very warm. In addition, the Royal party was required to remain standing as long as the Queen was standing --- and the Queen never sat. I don't care how accustomed to heels you are, those LK Bennetts had to be hurting her feet after three hours. We know Kate owns a nice pair of low-heeled red shoes
which would have been marginally more comfortable, not to mention safer, as she maneuvered up and down the narrow staircases of the barge.
It can't be easy to figure out what's going to be attractive, functional, and interesting to wear for these intensely observed occasions. It's a good thing Kate has plenty of time to learn. What do you think of her outfit? (images from gettyimages)


  1. Kate looked absolutely stunning! She has a lovely style and the color is perfect for her -- just perfect.