Monday, June 18, 2012

I know, I'm desperately behind in my posts! There have been at least three or four Kate sightings since the last time I was able to write. But still, I'm going to start with the Order of the Garter event from June 18, 2012. Kate wore the off-white Alexander McQueen coat she previously wore for the Trooping of the Colour last year. She added a white Jane Corbett hat, and her beige LK Bennett shoes.
Now you can't tell me these three ladies didn't plan their outfits very carefully. I'm going to point specifically to the shoes, and I think this is one grand jolly scheme for them all to wear almost identical shoes. Sophie looks particularly pleased to be in on the joke.
I do have to say that I like Kate's outfit very much. The coat, which we've seen before, is really cute, and I like the way it flares out with whatever she's got on underneath. It's not the tidiest hemline I've ever seen, but it works. And, standing next to Camilla who is sporting that gargantuan pink sapphire and pearl necklace, and a gargantuan pink hat, Kate's relative minimalism looks outstanding. I think that if I saw Kate standing alone in this outfit, I might decry the monochrome look, but as a part of this group, it works to perfection.
What do you think? (image courtesy The Daily Mail)

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