Friday, July 6, 2012

Meh. That's all I have to say about the outfit Mrs. Wales wore on Thursday in Edinburgh. Her husband, the Earl of Strathearn (as William is known when in Scotland), was being made a Knight of the Thistle.

I expect that, in 30 years' time, when William is King of England, this is one of the silly rituals he'll get rid of. Don't believe me? Have a look at his face in this picture:

Trust me, this fellow is just biding his time, gritting his teeth, and making plans.

But that's not why we're here! We're here to take a look at the Duchess's outfit, a blah colored coatdress/babydoll/maternity dress in a color variously called "buttermilk", "yellow gold", "primrose" and plain old "pale yellow". Accessories include the ugly grey hat she's worn many times before, and dark heavy pumps of the sturdy variety. All in all, the look is old, boring, mismatched and colorless.


IF Kate is pregnant, that changes things. If this is an early maternity dress, then I forgive her. She's definitely put on a few pounds recently -- not many, but maybe 5 or 10. Then again, she could have put on some weight in preparation for starting to try to get pregnant. So, the babydoll high-waisted style is acceptable if she's in her first trimester. If she's not, then I wish she'd stop showing up in this style. It's really not flattering.

I photoshopped the hat and dress, just to change the colors a little.

Making the dress a little golder and a little bolder, and making the hat match, does make a difference. But not a big one. It's still kind of a shapeless mess. Let's just hope there's a reason for that. (images courtesy Getty Images)

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