Friday, August 10, 2012

Catherine at the Olympics

Ok a number of you have asked why I haven't done a blog post or two on Kate's Olympic "style". Hmmm. Maybe it's because she doesn't have any? All I've seen so far are "official" t-shirts, a plain blazer, a GB track suit, wedge shoes and the skinniest skinny jeans I've ever seen in my life. Personally I think these bright blue skinny jeans are a little vulgar. The only reason she doesn't have camel toe is that she probably has on three pairs of Spanx beneath them. And don't call me jealous; I may not weigh 85 pounds, but even if I did I wouldn't wear these jeans in public.

So let's review....white tshirt, skinny jeans, wedge shoes, navy blazer, GB gear. Some might say that Kate is trying not to draw attention to herself by wearing the same boring outfit all the time, but if she really was trying not to draw attention, why is she wearing such tight jeans every day? No girl wears jeans like that without wanting to be admired. I'm sorry to say that, but it's true.

So can we move on to something I find a little more interesting? Here's my question -- do Kate's eyebrows ever move? Seriously, whether she's deliriously happy or in the depths of despair, the upper part of her face is completely immobile.

Is it Botox, or has she just trained herself not to move her forehead and eyebrows under any circumstances. What do you think?

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