Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Topless Photos of Kate

Did you come here looking for topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge? Shame on you. This blog is going dormant for awhile, because I am so disgusted by the press and its willingness to publish those pictures -- taken from A MILE AWAY, while the Duchess was staying at a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and was in the company of her OWN HUSBAND. How could anyone get any surreptitious thrill out of looking at those pictures? Shame on you.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SINGAPORE: A Series of Dresses

Kate has attended a series of events in Singapore, in a series of pretty dresses. Apparently the heat in Singapore is brutal, so dressing to stay cool while still being properly covered is probably of paramount importance. For that reason, I think these dresses are perfect. They're cool, comfortable, attractive, and appropriate. Nothing really stands out, except those horrid wedge shoes she chose to wear with a very pretty Alexander McQueen white broiderie Anglaise dress (or two piece?).
The middle look is actually my favorite, it's by Raoul, and is actually two pieces: a pleated skirt and a simple top.
I have to hand it to Kate, I would never in a million years have looked twice at that outfit on the rack. I like how the sleeves have been hiked up, too. William and Kate's last stop in Singapore was to the Commonwealth war graves cemetery, where Catherine's pale blue Jenny Packham dress was appropriate and cool. I'm not insane over the parasol -

--it's way too Camilla for my taste. I would have preferred she wear a large hat to keep the sun at bay. But the dress is lovely, sober and appropriate. Kate is definitely championing the 3/4 sleeve look on this trip, probably again because of the heat. She can't be too bare, but long sleeves would have been stifling. I doubt the 3/4 length sleeve is a fashion choice she'll continue with, but we'll see.

Now just as an aside, let's look at this picture:

She couldn't possibly be....pregnant, could she???? (images courtesy Sipa; Bauer Griffin; Getty Images, Hussein Samir/sipa)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singapore: Sept 11 Evening Event

ON the first day of their Far East tour, William and Catherine met with the President of the Republic of Singapore. Catherine wore Prabal Gurung, an American designer who was born in the city. I like this dress so much more from the back! The front has a higher neckline, and I find the pattern a little disconcerting. There's almost a bra illusion to it in the front. Given the Rorschach -ian nature of the pattern, it's a little strange. If the dress had been reversed, it would have been lovely. The purple, black and white combination is an awesome one, and while I don't normally like 3/4 length sleeves (old ladyish), it works on this dress.

The black satin stilettos are okay, the clutch is all right, neither is daring at all, and really add nothing to the look. Kate did break out her pretty diamond bracelet, and word is she wore diamond earrings as well, although I couldn't find a picture where we could see them (all that hair!!).

I do wish we'd seen a slightly more formal look for this event, but maybe later -- the tour is young yet. What do you think? (Images courtesy Getty and James Whatling/Splash News)

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Day One of Far East Trip

On day one of their trip to the Far East, representing the Queen during her Golden Jubilee year, Prince William and Catherine arrived in Singapore. Their first stop was at the National Botanical Gardens, where they were presented with a species of orchid named after them. They were shown the "Vanda William Catherine" hybrid orchid, whose white petals with purple spots matched Kate's pale pink kimono-style Jenny Packham dress.

It's a pretty dress, a little too pale and washed out for Kate's strong coloring, and maybe a touch wide in the shoulders, making for a slightly boxy effect uptop. But I don't mind it, and I do like the pearl drop earrings. The shoes bore the heck out of me. I think she could have chosen something a little more daring than these LK Bennetts, which seem a bit on the heavy side. (Photos Courtesy Getty)