Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singapore: Sept 11 Evening Event

ON the first day of their Far East tour, William and Catherine met with the President of the Republic of Singapore. Catherine wore Prabal Gurung, an American designer who was born in the city. I like this dress so much more from the back! The front has a higher neckline, and I find the pattern a little disconcerting. There's almost a bra illusion to it in the front. Given the Rorschach -ian nature of the pattern, it's a little strange. If the dress had been reversed, it would have been lovely. The purple, black and white combination is an awesome one, and while I don't normally like 3/4 length sleeves (old ladyish), it works on this dress.

The black satin stilettos are okay, the clutch is all right, neither is daring at all, and really add nothing to the look. Kate did break out her pretty diamond bracelet, and word is she wore diamond earrings as well, although I couldn't find a picture where we could see them (all that hair!!).

I do wish we'd seen a slightly more formal look for this event, but maybe later -- the tour is young yet. What do you think? (Images courtesy Getty and James Whatling/Splash News)

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