Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Topless Photos of Kate

Did you come here looking for topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge? Shame on you. This blog is going dormant for awhile, because I am so disgusted by the press and its willingness to publish those pictures -- taken from A MILE AWAY, while the Duchess was staying at a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and was in the company of her OWN HUSBAND. How could anyone get any surreptitious thrill out of looking at those pictures? Shame on you.


  1. I did not come here looking for topless photos of Kate. I came here because I have your site bookmarked. I, too am disgusted with the press for taking pictures like this. AND I am sooo happy to see you post something like this. But please remember, many of us do come here for updates on what she IS wearing.

  2. I really like her simplicity no matter what is she wearing .Everyone is wearing these kinds of clothes .what happened if she wear??She has also a heart just like you people.
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